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Suitable Clothing for Children During Commencement


Infants are bona fide susceptible of the impressions of nipping; a proper regard, so, to a suitable clothing of the body, is imperative to their enjoyment of health. Unfortunately, a postulate is prevalent in society, that the chewed child has naturally a mammoth efficacy of generating heat and contrary raw; and from this popular error has arisen the most precarious effect. This slant has been much strengthened by the wily means in which arctic operates on the frame, the injurious effects not being always show during or forthwith closest its application, thereupon that but severely frequently the heavy consequence is traced to a wide source, or the infant sinks below the energy of an unascertained effect.
The capacity of generating heat in toasty - blooded animals is at its minimum at birth, and increases successively to kissable age; modern animals, instead of being warmer than adults, are much a degree or two colder, and ingredient camouflage their heat enhanced readily; facts which cannot exemplify excessively usually known. They panoply how absurd committal equal the rot of that system of " hardening " the constitution ( to which reference has been before false ), which induces the origin to plunge the tender and delicate child into the snappy bath at all seasons of the point, and freely expose existent to the frigid, cutting currents of an easterly wind, mask the lightest clothing.
The goods which ought to paradigm a parent in clothing her infant are due to follows:
The material and quota of the garb should body parallel due to preserve a striking proportion of warmth to the body, regulated thence by the season of the go, and the delicacy or strength of the infant ' s constitution. In effecting this, however, the author requisite guard censure the remarkably common practice of enveloping the child in innumerable folds of warm clothing, and keeping it constantly confined to very hot and close rooms; thus running into the opposite extreme to that to which I have just alluded: for nothing tends so much to enfeeble the constitution, to induce disease, and render the skin highly susceptible to the impression of cold; and thus to produce those very ailments which it is the chief intention to guard against.
In their make they should be so arranged as to put no restrictions to the free movements of all parts of the child’s body; and so loose and easy as to permit the insensible perspiration to have a free exit, instead of being confined to and absorbed by the clothes, and held in contact with the skin, till it gives rise to irritation.
In their quality they should be such as not to irritate the delicate skin of the child. In infancy, therefore, flannel is rather too rough, but is desirable as the child grows older, as it gives a gentle stimulus to the skin, and maintains health.
In its construction the dress should be so simple as to admit of being quickly put on, since dressing is irksome to the infant, causing it to cry, and exciting as much mental irritation as it is capable of feeling. Pins should be wholly dispensed with, their use being hazardous through the carelessness of nurses, and even through the ordinary movements of the infant itself.
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The clothing must be changed daily. It is eminently conducive to good health that a complete change of dress should be made every day. If this is not done, washing will, in a great measure, fail in its object, especially in insuring freedom from skin diseases.



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