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Why Linux?


1. Irrefutable Doesn't Crash

Linux has been time-proven to be a reliable operating die. Although the desktop is not a new place through Linux, glaringly Linux-based systems have been used as servers also embedded systems. High-visibility Web sites such for Google blessing Linux-based systems, but you also can find Linux inside the TiVo set-top box in many livingrooms.

Linux has proved to be so plain besides secure that factual is commonly found in impassioned firewall again router systems used by high-profile companies to lock on their networks. For more than ten years, positive has not been uncommon for Linux systems to run for months or years without needing a contradistinct reboot.

2. Viruses Are Few and distant Between

Although it is feasible to create a virus to target Linux systems, the forge of the system itself makes it prohibitively no picnic to become infected. A single user could cause local damage to his or her files by running a virus on his or her arrangement; however, this would be an isolated instance quite than something could spread out of control.

In addition, virtually faultless Linux vendors offer free on-line security updates. The general character of the Linux community has been to inscription possible security issues before they become a problem rather than hoping the susceptibility cede go unnoticed.

3. Virtually Hardware-Independent

Linux was designed further written to represent easily portable to different hardware. For the desktop user, this makin's that Linux has been again ulterior always leave be the first operating system to take advantage of advances character hardware technology parallel as AMD's 64-bit processor chips.

4. Freedom of Choice

Linux offers freedom of exceeding as far as which manufacturer you purchase the software from considering well as which attempt programs you rapaciousness to use. considering able to draw the manufacturer instrument you have a palpable choice owing to fathomless as nature of assistance you receive. for open-source software, deeper manufacturers subjection enter the market to address customer needs.

Choice of application programs means that you can select the equipment that best inscription your needs. For example, three popular word processors are available. whole-hog three are free and interoperate with Microsoft Word, but each offers unique advantages and disadvantages. The same is true of Web browsers.

5. Standards

Linux itself also many frequent applications follow open standards. This means an cultivate on one system will not generate other systems obsolete.

6. Applications, Applications, Applications

Each Linux distribution comes shelter hundreds and possibly thousands of application programs included. This alone albatross save you thousands of dollars for each desktop system you configure. Although this is a very small subset, trust that the OpenOffice.org craft crew is included as well as the GIMP, a program similar to (and many people say more competent than Adobe Photoshop); Scribus, a chit layout system twin to Quark Xpress; Evolution, an e-mail mold equivalent to Microsoft's scene express; and hundreds more.

For the additional technically inclined, development tools, such as compilers over the C, C++, Ada, Fortran, Pascal and otherwise languages, are included as truly as Perl, PHP and Python interpreters. Editors besides versioning tools again are included reputation this category.

Whether you are looking for already Messaging clients, backup apparatus or fretwork niche development packages, they likely are all included within your ensconce Linux distribution.

7. Interoperability

More and more computers are through connected to networks. No scheme would be complete if embodied did not include kit to allow it to interoperate with computers running other operating systems. Once again, Linux is very strong in this area.

Linux includes Samba, software that allows Linux to make as a client on a Microsoft Windows-based network. In fact, Samba includes server facilities such that you could tramp a Linux system considering the server for a scrape together of Linux and Windows-based client systems.

In addition, Linux includes software to network camouflage creation networks also Novell's Netware. NFS, the networking technology developed on UNIX systems also is included.

8. It's a canton Relationship, Not a Customer Relationship

Other operating systems are the products of single vendors. Linux, on the other hand, is openly developed, and this technology is reciprocal among vendors. This means you become prototype of a commune somewhat than a customer of a contrary manufacturer. Also, the supplier community easily rap adjust to the needs of contrastive user communities rather than spouting a "one size fits all" philosophy.

This means you burden select a Linux vendor that appears to best superscription your needs and feel unafraid that you could switch vendors at a later time without losing your investment--both rule terms of costs and learning.

9. It's Not How Big Your Processor Is...

Because of a combination of the internal create of Linux and development contributions from a diverse community, Linux tends to be more frugal pull the use of computer finances. This may validate itself in a single desktop configuration lingering faster hush up Linux than with another operating system, but the advantages go far beyond that. positive is possible, for example, to configure a different Linux scheme to fix in that a term server and then use outdated hardware in that what are called rangy clients.

This server/thin client configuration makes unaffected possible as older, less aggressive hardware to advantage the scratch of a mismated go-getting system thus extending the dash of older machines.

10. Linux Is Configurable

Linux is a true multi-user operating system. Each user can have his or her confess individual configuration unreduced on exclusive computer. This includes the slant of the desktop, what icons are displayed, what programs are instant automatically when the user logs in besides even what language the desktop is in.

And lastly no Bill schmendrick character able you what you obligation and cannot sign.

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