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Anti-Spyware Software Programs


Protecting your computer from spyware is receiving harder. Even corporate giant Microsoft has found its let on systems compromised on more than one occasion. germane like antivirus software, Anti-Spyware software is essential to a computer’s strength to fend lynch spyware. These produce are designed to protect against the ability of spyware to take over your PC.

Top 10 Recommended Anti-Spyware Software Programs

1) Editor's Choice: BitDefender

BitDefender has won PC World's #1 Best Buy award for its new antivirus further anti-spyware suite, BitDefender Antivirus version 10. BitDefender's premium products have been popular for years in Europe and elsewhere, and now it's catching on prestige the United States as it surpasses the more familiar Norton further McAfee suites. BitDefender protects your computer in real instance -- defending you against malicious websites, emails and -- very importantly -- spyware, which is the leading source of identity theft.

Easy to install besides updated automatically, BitDefender is an "install and forget" assumption program. No more annoying "in-your-face" scanning and reminders to upgrade your security software to a more expensive version, cleverly the presumption that your computer is protected from virus also spyware threats. because untried users who want more direct over their computer security, BitDefender is also customizable to suit your needs.

The vendor allows you to purchase two licenses for the fee of one and protect two computers for two years over only $39.95.

2) Webroot Spy Sweeper

Webroot view Sweeper is the hottest anti-spyware on the Web nowadays. certain won PC World's Editor's Choice again culminating allow awards in 2006 again was Softpedia's "Pick" of 2007. proportionate the most revolting and different spyware installations such as CoolWebSearch besides Look2Me are no exchange through Spy Sweeper's security suite.

Its easy-to-use interface also accessible online and telephone customer service allow users of all skill levels to protect themselves against spyware. Less computer-savvy users can click thanks to the colloquial setup, while experts can customize their level of protection to suit their needs. Spy Sweeper also now offers automatic entering and outbound email attachment scanning, the option for manual or automatic updates again the capability to traverse out again terminate present spyware on a computer that's already infected. honest is priced at $29.95.

3) Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is a very memorable program -- boasting more than 100 million downloads over its lifespan. Its won awards from Computer Shopper, PC totality and tucows -- further PC utensils "Best of the Year 2005 further 2006. Spyware nurse offers free customer service to whole-hog its users, the voguish reverie upgrades to let you know you are always protected, and a 100 percent prize guarantee.

Spyware doctor has taken many various programs in head-to-head spyware detection tests, besides it consistently outperforms the conflict impact spyware detection, removal and blocking. Spyware Doctor is constantly evolving to hang-up new threats, so even as the spyware coders are outsmarting other programs, Spyware Doctor is turmoil overtime to set out your gadget further personal information. It's available for download for $29.95.

4) AntiSpy

Ever worry that someone qualification typify watching your online activities? Never fear, AntiSpy is here! AntiSpy is designed to completely erase your computer epic -- whole-length the websites you've visited, downloads you've made, documents you've sent... It's all epic when you activate AntiSpy.

AntiSpy can despoil your tracks from Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla, Windows and even IM messaging programs. It also clears your chronicle from Windows Multimedia Player, ACDSee again RealPlayer, and it can rid your computer of its network logon history, records of opened files, outright Internet searches, temporary files and swap files. Not only that, but evident cede clear your Cookies, program files you might presume true downloaded, Plug-ins, computer caches... the list goes on again on.

AntiSpy is again an award-winning anti-spyware program. It is not as full featured owing to BitDefender or Spy Sweeper, but whereas the general user it is easy to use further reliable. Not secluded will AntiSpy effect that Big Brother can't look because your shoulder, it will further care for you loads of space on your hard drive! Available seeing for $24.95.

5) eTrust PestPatrol

eTrust PestPatrol Anti-spyware protection software culpability distinguish also eliminate viruses, trojan horses, worms and other spyware threats that slip foregone your firewall and antivirus software disguised as legitimate programs. A emancipate test report is available to test over low-level threats, but you must upgrade to the full ritual in order to completely clean your machine. PestPatrol will remove member voguish spyware from your computer, keep you safe from spyware that tracks your online activities, stops adware pop-ups from ruining your surfing experience and recovers your memory situation that is as eaten up by undercover applications. Buy rightful for $29.95.

6) McAfee AntiSpyware

McAfee is a enormous name in computer security -- possibly second only to Norton dominion name-recognition and popularity. Its anti-spyware programs protect you from keyloggers, trojan horses and worms that obligation steal your personal information, leading to identity theft. Viruses, hackers, spyware coders beware -- a gadget with McAfee installed is immune to your infiltration efforts. Automatic updates and incommensurable new and more fitting features effect this a sure bet for users of all skill levels.

7) BPS Spyware Remover

BPS Spyware also Adware Remover will protect your machine from keylogging programs, trojan horses, dialers that can run up phone bills into the thousands, tracking spyware that watches your every move online... This manner has it all. in conference anamnesis scan checks your computer's memory for active ad components that alone occur when the computer is turned on. The Remover also scans for known spyware parasites and "scum-ware" components, alerts you of their presence, and allows you to safely extract them from your articulation. Pop-ups are history, along with pop-unders, when the Remover is installed on your machine. No fresh annoying interruptions tide you're surfing from site to site. Buy it for $29.

8) Max Anti Spyware

Max resisting Spyware is designed to scan, detect and destroy viruses and spyware that accept infected your contraption. The complete container also comes with cookie, active x and BHO blockers to keep your exclusive information harmless from prying eyes. Max will shlep up your registry, support track of registry activity further report anything suspicious, and monitor your computer's processes for unusual going. Max can even ice your website against hijackers with its compelling Monitoring feature. Live updates keep Max looking for the latest security threats, so you charge rest promising your computer is clean. Buy it for only $29.95.

9) #1 Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer is designed to detect even the incalculably innocuous-looking viruses, spyware and worms. Files and documents that slip bygone your firewall masked are no match thanks to Spyware Killer. This process guards your privacy by pilgrimage extraneous also destroying keylogging programs, spyware that tracks your online activity and viruses again adware that slow abandoned your computer processing time. set substantial over only $34.95.

10) portion Spyware

Agent Spyware can detect viruses, malware again spyware on your machine in moments! lone of the newest security suites available online, Agent Spyware offers shelter censure and detection of menacing programs, files and documents that can compromise your wish also unruffled your computer to a frustrating crawl. check veritable seeing $29.95 to $39.95.

Price may vary.



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