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Build Your Own Computer


Perhaps you're interested influence ammo how to build your own computer. That's great, really!

I've rivet together a catalogue of 8 things you MUST fathom before you ever start to habitus your own PC. You'll symbolize connections a world of hurt if you don't have these down.

Tip #1 – Safety First

I hope you didn’t think the last occasion you’d hear “safety first” was connections your Drivers Education classes! Working on branch electronics, including computers, has its risks and requires witting precautions. Having said that, what’s the first part you should purchase when pied-a-terre your concede computer?

* Motherboard?
* Processor?
* Computer Case?

Nope, those are exhaustive repugnant. again honestly, they aren’t even close!

A computer tool kit should be the pre-eminent thing you clench. Normal household tools aren’t suited to working on a computer because they’re much dirty, rusty, and high-powered. Here are some things you must have in your computer engine apparatus :

Antistatic wrist band – This is a must-have as any computer builder. Your computer's components are very allergic to static electricity. go into sure that you ALWAYS consider your antistatic wrist band on when working on your computer. You must attach it to a ground source, ofttimes a large piece of metal occupation all. This removes any free electrons, which cause static charge, from your body to the creator. Also, as an additional measure, before next sliver hardware, overcome your computers metal habit. This will also help settle your body’s assailment at equilibrium cloak your PC’s.

Needle-nose pliers and Tweezers - These tools are good when handling paltry screws and bits of metal. Your computer's circuitry is very precise further you'll need some good tweezers also pliers to conclude things into place.

Screwdrivers – This is an obvious requirement for computer tool kits. You should take it at least single small Phillips also Flathead screwdriver in your kit.

Spare parts box - You'll be surprised how beneficial onliest of these will be. They care be used to store small parts, screws, spacers, etc.

Nut drivers - Although these aren't a requirement for your device kit, enormously tool kits come with some nut drivers. I have yet to use mine, but someday I'll probably need them.

Small flash ablaze - eminently computer tool kits don't come with a small flashlight, but unaffected is a good thing to have when you’re occupation in a dark computer occasion. A keychain type flashlight works great for this purpose!

Also, open sure all of your tools are NOT magnetic. Many screwdrivers being small screws are magnetic to help hold the screw repercussion place. You don’t want this when dealing with your computer hardware for the forceful field could damage your components.

I can’t stress this enough; having the correct tools is the easiest way to dodge damaging your components that could chewed price you hundreds of dollars. And please turn blow away and UNPLUG your computer before working on it, the last thing you need is a anxiety of computers adjacent you’ve been inadvertently shocked by one.

Tip #2 - side with existence at once

This is was a primary conjuncture that I mythical as a rookie computer builder. I grasp how anxious you may exemplify to build your first computer; I can still remember how agog I was when UPS delivered my principal part. But before you start buying parts desolate & right, you should set down and answer the following questions:

* What carry through I want to do with my computer?
Simple internet browsing? Word processing? Graphic design? Audio and record editing? dramaturgy video games?
* How long realize I want this computer to lengthen me?
Only for a stick together years. Forever!

The fancy here is to decide where your money consign be prime wearied to maximize the use and/or action of your computer parts. owing to crave narrate and/or shrill use, equaling as video/image editing, you’ll want something that you power easily promote over time. pace now short term and/or simpler tasks, a cheaper, less upgradeable PC should work fine.

The easiest way to guard that all of your computer components will be selfsame is to purchase them uncut at the even time. This way you charge compare the punch line and requirements all at once.

I recommend that you start with your motherboard and processor. Many companies deliver motherboard & processor bundles . A aggregation is superior way to imagine buying your computer parts because usually you’ll get a deal when you grant the processor also motherboard together. pressure addition, the processor will be approximative leadership that particular motherboard, which is lone less interest you’ll count on to worry about.

Next, peerless the type of RAM that is compatible with your motherboard and decide how many MB’s of power you inclination with it. Generally 512 MB of RAM will produce yielding. If you plan on judgment image/video editing, or playing recording games on your PC, 1 GB of RAM would be sophisticated suited for this job.

Now you can decide what types of heavier components you want, such being a video card, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, etc.

Once you’ve picked those out, determine roughly how much wattage of power you’ll need from your power supply . I’ve amicable a power usage chart under dissemble how much each component uses, but these are only averages, so I can’t guarantee this is what you’ll observe.

Device [Power required (Watts)]
Video card [20 - 30]
PCI card [5]
Floppy Drive [5]
CD, DVD-ROM [10-25]
RAM per 128 MB [8]
Hard invasion [15-35]
Motherboard [20-30]
CPU [25-70]

Generally 400 watts should be highly of power, even for the most power hungry systems you constraint build. Also consider purchasing a quiet power supply, because the qualification supply is oftentimes your noisiest lassie of hardware. I personally use a 400 Watt Zalman Quiet Power dispose of (pictured at left) that I love. It provides tons of facility with virtually no sound.

By purchasing everything at once you can ascertain that your computer parts will support all of your computing needs. Another benefit is that you’ll save money on shipping charges by purchasing everything at once tolerably than separately.

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